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1 week ago

Canine Counselling by Mark

Do you have to give pills to your dog? If so, you might try this technique to make them look forward to pill time rather than avoiding it.

I have to give my dogs pills every day for the foreseeable future. I stopped shoving pills down my dog's throat many years ago. Now I find a way to make it more palatable so they eagerly await their medication!

Below is the before pic sowing the pills and the pieces of banana. Then the after with the pills inserted. And lastly their faces in anticipation! 🙂

With my lab it is easy, but with the spaniel, I have to get the medicine/fruit ratio just right. Too big and he chews it and discovers the pill. Too small and there is too much medicine smell. So it is just big enough to hide the pill and still be swallowed in a single gulp.

Next time give it a try and see how quickly it disappears!
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Yup, we've all had days like that! 😂

For more funny pics like this one, check out
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1 month ago

Canine Counselling by Mark

If anyone knows a dog trainer willing to house and train a future assistance dog, please have them get in touch!DOG TRAINER NEEDED:

Australian Support Dogs Inc. (ASDOG) is seeking a qualified Trainer to board and train our next Assistance Dog.

Our core values include the use of positive reinforcement
training techniques, and that the dog is treated as part of the Trainer’s family and lives indoors with the Trainer.

If you meet the qualifications outlined in the attached image, and would like to help train an assistance dog that will improve the life of someone with physical disability, please contact us at

We have a puppy that will be ready to start her year of training in a few months’ time.

When applying please address the criteria in a cover letter and send it with your CV to

We look forward to hearing from you!
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