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8 hours ago

Canine Counselling by Mark

Had an interesting discussion with a client on the weekend. This lovely girl below was causing some mayhem by destructively chewing lots of things, like the sofa, pillows, etc. The owner wasn't having much success getting her to stop, and worried that letting her chew anything would only make things worse.

I'm a firm believer that many behaviours like this are instinctual, and not deliberate.

So rather than trying to fight nature and get her not to chew at all, I suggested that we try to teach her appropriate vs inappropriate things to chew. This way, we give her an outlet for her urges, but in an acceptable manner. 😁

So when we can't fight instincts, let's try to redirect them.

Also below, are 2 pictures from my puppy's chewing adventures: the red pig from K-Mart (before and after disemboweling), and my camp slippers. Obviously I am still teaching him appropriate vs inappropriate as well!

See, even dog trainers lose shoes to puppies... πŸ˜‚ hehehe
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Please, NEVER play with your dog using a laser pointer.

While it is great entertainment and endless fun for the cat, for some dogs it can turn into an obsession that quickly spreads to lights and shadows of all sorts. I have seen videos of dogs that bark and chase every reflection or shadow from the blinds, and it is heartbreaking as this behaviour is very difficult to fix. πŸ˜₯

Best to use an interactive feeder, flirt pole, or even an automated ball chucker instead of a laser pointer.
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14 hours ago

Victoria Stilwell

Who are you going to vote for? #unsungheroes

Petco Foundation
The Petco Foundation is teaming up with Victoria Stilwell to honor Unsung Heroes across the nation for their lifesaving efforts. Watch the stories of these amazing heroes and vote for your favorite to be honored at the Petco Foundation Lifesaving Awards in June.
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Please take 30 mins to watch this. We need an end to puppy farming now!

We recently went undercover to reveal the true horrors behind illegal puppy farms in the UK. Watch this video and then sign the petition below to stop millions of dogs suffering πŸ‘‡
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