Puppy School

Puppy School

Attending a professionally run puppy school is critical to having a well behaved dog joining your family.

As we learn more about dog behaviour and development, there has become an increased emphasis on early, thorough, positive socialisation of young puppies.  Research has shown that it is vital that this occurs during the Critical Socialisation Period (between 8-16 weeks of age). This socialisation must include not only other puppies but also various people, situations, objects, surfaces, environments, etc.  Puppy school forms a key part of this early socialisation process.

For those concerned about socialising a young puppy prior to completing the full vaccination schedule, please see this excellent from Victoria Stilwell on Socialisation vs vaccination and this handout from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour on The Importance of Puppy Socialisation.


Mark’s puppy classes focus on 4 main areas:

  • Socialisation in a controlled environment
  • Teaching basic behaviours (sit, drop, come, loose-lead walking, etc.)
  • Preventing unwanted behaviours (nipping/biting, jumping up, barking, etc.)
  • Useful day-to-day information for new dog owners

Proper socialisation during the Critical Socialisation Period (8-16 weeks of age) can be the single most influential factor in preventing reactivity and fearfulness later in life. After the first week, the primary focus of each class is supervising the puppy interactions to allow proper dog-to-dog socialisation. During these supervised play times, you will learn to recognise good play vs bad play, and learn how, when and why to interrupt puppy play.

Concurrently, you will learn how to teach basic commands like SIT, DROP, COME, etc. You will also learn the basics of getting the behaviour you want while preventing unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, mouthing, etc.

The focus of the class is on having a pet dog that you can enjoy in an urban environment.


Cost is $180 per puppy for the 5 week course.

Fee covers 1 puppy and 2 family members. Additional family members may be able to join, depending on the space available at the time.

Please note that course fee is due on or before the first class, and is non-refundable.


The classes are held on location at Animal Doctors Veterinary practices. Please see addresses and maps below.

Classes are strictly limited to 3-5 puppies to ensure a safe and controlled environment, while still providing socialisation benefits for each puppy.

Classes run for 1 hour a night, same night each week, for 5 weeks.

Click a class below for more information about that class.

Because each class has a strict attendance requirement, classes may be added or postponed depending on the number of puppies confirmed to attend. Therefore, please register your interest soon to ensure you can join your preferred class day and location.

Contact us to enroll or if you have any questions.

We work in conjunction with:



Two Locations:
City: 55 Flinders Street, Surry Hills, NSW   and
Waverly: 300 Bronte Rd, Waverley, NSW

(click on address to open map in new window)


The course fee is payable at the first class (cash, credit card, bank transfer) and is non-refundable.

Puppies must be 14 weeks old or younger at the first class, and have proof of current vaccination status. Note: puppies do NOT have to have completed their full vaccination course to participate in the class, see links at top of page for further details.

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