The old saw about old dogs and new tricks only applies to certain people.

~Daniel Pinkwater

I have been trained in a wide variety of behaviour modification theories and techniques. I am a firm believer that there is no one perfect training method that will work for every owner / dog / behaviour combination. I tailor the training sessions to each individual's needs.

One of the keys to successful behaviour modification is finding the particular method that the owner is comfortable with and capable of using, and making sure that the chosen method is effective on the behaviour and the dog. Of course, as an ethical animal professional, I will never advocate any method that is cruel, harmful or traumatic for the animal. My goal is to create a training plan that is best for everyone involved, considering the owner, the dog and the behaviour.

Like any true professional, I have kept up to date with the latest research and best practices in dog behaviour modification. I no longer use outdated punishment-based techniques or harsh training equipment. I fully endorse the “positive reinforcement” approach to dog training, which emphasises getting the dog to want to do the behaviour, not forcing or compelling it to do the behaviour. Following the lead of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour, I do not endorse nor condone the principle of dominance-based training. My focus is on achieving the desired results in an effective manner that everyone (including the dog!) can agree on.

I look forward to working with you to develop a training plan that we can all live with!