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Client: yeah, my dog’s not really treat motivated. I can’t get him to sit even when I have a treat!
Me: *pulls out roast chicken*
Dog: *sits*
Client: well, yeah, if you use ROAST CHICKEN of course he will sit...
Me: *blank stare* 🤦‍♂️

As dog trainers, one of the reasons we use food in training is that it can be motivating and rewarding for most dogs. Yes, I have come across dogs that prefer a ball or a stick to a treat, but for the vast majority of dogs food is a great training aid.

The trick is to use whatever it takes to get the job done. Just like money and humans, sometimes I have to raise the pay to get the job done. You may not do 20 sit-ups for a $5 bill, but I bet if I give you a $100 bill you’ll do them!

So often times is not that the dog isn’t treat motivated, it is just we haven’t found what is the $100 bill for that dog.

So, experiment, try various things, find your dog’s $100 bills! I heard from clients about dogs that love shredded cheese, green tripe, or even one that loved diced carrots more than any meat.

Another time, we’ll talk about how you get off treats and keep your dog motivated to still do the behaviour. 🙂
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URGENT for Surry Hills dog owners!!

Please see attached email from Animal Doctors Vet about recent cases of Leptospirosis in dogs in Surry Hills.

Please follow the advice and prevent your dogs from interacting with any rats or rat waste. And take special care to prevent them from drinking any stagnant water.

Also a good reminder to check your dog's current vaccination status.

Keep your dogs safe! 😉👍🐶
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