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There is a joke amongst dog trainers about "dead dog" training. The joke is that if it is something that a dead dog can do, then it can't be trained. πŸ˜†

Example: owner says they want to train their dog to not take food off the table. Well, a dead dog can't take food off the table, so it doesn't pass the "dead dog" test.
So I reframe it into an active behaviour. How about we train a "go to mat" during meal times? This passes the "dead dog" test because is requires going to a specific place.

The general idea comes back to the concept of training for ACTION, not INACTION. Or training what you want you dog to be doing, not what you don't want them doing.

So next time your dog is doing something "naughty" or you want to change their behaviour, make sure it passes the "dead dog" test to help you decide how to approach it. πŸ˜‰
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2 months ago

Canine Counselling by Mark

I encounter this common misconception so often. πŸ˜”

A huge part of modern dog training is understanding that dog behaviour is not about dominance and alpha mentality. Sorry, but your little Maltese is not trying to "dominate" that German Shepherd walking past the cafe, and become the pack leader. They are likely scared for their life and can't run away because they are on lead and restrained. Since you've taken away the "flight" option, they are left with no choice but to "fight" to make that scary thing go away.

When we look at things from a perspective that isn't based on force and conflict, we can develop solutions that avoid force and intimidation to achieve results.

If you're struggling with a behaviour that isn't responding to dominance or pack leader approaches, get in touch and let me provide an alternative that might get better results. πŸ˜€
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