Private Dog Training Lessons

Private, personalised dog training lessons to address behavioural issues and create a confident, well-behaved companion. With modern training techniques, Canine Counselling can help you address even the toughest situations, such as aggression and on-lead reactivity in a positive manner.

Why Choose Private Dog Training With Canine Counselling?

Why work with a professional dog trainer when there is an abundance of training resources like books, online courses, and TikTok videos to choose from? It’s simple; cookie-cutter techniques and generic training materials don’t work for everyone, especially with aggression and other serious behavioural issues. In most cases, working with a professional dog trainer will give you more comprehensive, up-to-date training techniques that can be tailored to your situation. Unfortunately, dog training is often more complicated, difficult, and takes longer than it appears in most online instructions.

If you’re struggling to implement “pack leader” methods, or not seeing results with traditional punishment-based techniques, perhaps it is time to try a more evolved approach to dog training, based on the latest research and behavioural science.

Mark has various training certifications and continues to learn and improve training processes that work for your canine. Private dog training sessions with Canine Counselling provide dynamic, positive solutions for you to address unwanted behaviours and help your companion build confidence. Mark specialises in working with dog owners who want long-lasting, positive training solutions, not a quick fix. Let Mark work with you to find the optimum solution for your dog and your unique situation.

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Canine Counselling by Mark
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We had Mark come to our home for a consultation. He was warm and empathetic while providing thorough, evidence informed information and strategies. We found he took a practical approach which was grounded in positive behaviour interventions. Since our session about 6 weeks ago, we have seen wonderful initial gains from all the strategies he suggested. Highly recommend Mark if you are looking for someone to help your pooch with lots of positive reinforcement.
We attended Mark’s puppy school at Rosebery vet hospital from week 1-5. Our pup was a significantly larger breed to the other pups. Mark was able to manage this with ease and all pups enjoyed their time. We learnt so much about socialisation and behaviour in an open and well controlled environment. I highly recommend Mark to all puppy owners. His knowledge, ability and care were invaluable. Thank you Mark! Ringo had a blast!
Our little daschhound Winston just graduated puppy school Tonight, what a fantastic time my daughter and I had! We learnt so much. Highly recommend for any puppy and Mark is amazing
Highly recommend. Mark was our trainer for puppy preschool and when our dog (now 3) experienced some behavioural problems, we instantly thought to reach out. We have already seen remarkable improvement. Mark’s expertise and genuine care have made a huge difference.
I cannot speak highly enough of Mark. I’ve used him twice for two difference dogs over the past 5 years. My first puppy unfortunately had epilepsy. My current dog is very scared of children and reacts badly around them. Mark has been an outstanding help with both dogs. The positive reinforcement training promotes lasting positive behaviour changes. Mark guides you through lots of little steps that are easy to achieve but have a huge impact on your pup. Money well spent every time. Highly recommended.
Mark was very knowledgeable, informative and fun! Can recommend!
My Mini Schnauzer Basil attended the Puppy School course with Mark and from week 1 to graduating we saw such a difference. Both my husband and I have learnt so much about dog behaviour and thoroughly enjoyed the weekly classes. Truly quite sad they are now over. Would highly recommend Mark and his classes to those thinking about signing up. Mark is not only hilarious but very engaging with a wealth of knowledge.
After going into full panic mode after getting our new puppy, marks reassurance and guidance throughout the weeks was superb. Always at hand for advice and the socialization our boy had from it has set him up for life. Great methods and techniques taught that helped us know how to react and practice for all our new puppy concerns. Highly recommend and Cash our puppy couldn't wait to go every week. Sad that its over. Thanks Mark
Mark is a great and supportive trainer. Recommend every time
Great education session on how to get our dog to be more relaxed in company. We learnt a lot during our session and have seen a definite improvement in Vinnie’s behaviour since we have started implementing some of the strategies we were taught.Highly recommend.
My dog attended the puppy school for the past five weeks, and I have to say Mark was so helpful and informative throughout the sessions. Marks ability to read the behaviour of the dogs was amazing and he truly loves what he does. I guarantee you will have a great time, and so will your dog!
Best investment to have a beautifully trained puppy in such a happy environment . Mark was a fun informative teacher and made it a great course. Highly recommend
Mark did an excellent job of helping our little pup come out of her shell. He was patient, professional and knowledgeable at all times, and taught us training techniques, do's and don'ts, and answered all of our questions. The handouts he provided also contained additional useful information. Highly recommended.
An excellent experience seeking advice on our two dogs with very different issues. Mark helped us to understand the reasons behind certain behaviours and strategies to address them. Strategies have been very effective and importantly, we now know more about the underlying causes and drivers. Thanks Mark!
Mark's extensive knowledge, tips, and demonstrations were crucial to our puppy Rusty's early training success and socialisation. Over the course of a five-week program, we have come leaps and bounds. This is not only a program for dogs but their parents too. Any questions or concerns were welcomed with the intention to create the best life for the dog. For example, challenging a dogs fear towards something in the developmental stage so they do not have behavioural issues later on. I also had peace of mind knowing that my pup was in a safe, sterile environment where he could socialise. To any other puppy parents who are hoping to maintain their sanity and bond further with your new furry family member, I highly recommend the Canine Counselling service.


Private Dog Training

Mark offers private training consultations for a variety of common behaviour problems, such as:

Lunging & on lead reactivity

Ignoring commands “selective hearing”

Aggression toward other dogs or people

Puppy behaviours such as jumping up, nipping, toilet training, etc.

Excessive barking

Most other undesired behaviours

How Do Private Training Sessions Work?

It all starts with an initial phone call or submission form. Mark will come to your location for an initial assessment and one-on-one consultation. Once Mark has met and assessed your dog, he will provide immediate advice on improving the situation. Mark will answer any urgent questions and leave you with several handouts.

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    You will then receive personalised notes with advice specific to your situation.
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    The initial assessment and consult usually runs for 2-3 hours and has a flat rate of $500. If required, he will discuss any further training sessions.

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    In some cases, either during the phone consultation or on-site visit, Mark may determine that a specialist is needed. If that is the case, he will refer you to a veterinary behaviourist that he works closely with. To improve your dog’s behaviour, contact us using the form below.
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About Mark, Founder of Canine Counselling

Mark has various certifications and qualifications, including Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour from the National Dog Trainers Federation, Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT), and Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, Professional Dog Trainer. From aggression and lead reactivity, to resource guarding and dogs fighting in the home, Mark is well-equipped to address the issue.

Using a modern training style of positive reinforcement, Mark strives to create a constructive, easily understood learning environment for each dog.


Use Positive

Avoid the use of intimidation, physical punishment or fear

Understand the misconceptions of dominance theory

Learn about the canine experience from the dog’s point of view

Helpful Links

The myths that fuel “pack mentality” and “positive punishment” have been debunked, and every pet owner should have access to that information. Here are a few links to help you get caught up:

Mark is a highly capable dog trainer with extensive experience, allowing him to handle most training scenarios. Most mild-severe behavioural issues can be resolved with private dog training sessions from Canine Counselling. Your initial consultation with Mark will outline the best course of action for resolving your dog’s behavioural issues in a positive, healthy way.

For severe cases of separation anxiety in older dogs, please consider contacting one of the following global leaders in separation anxiety. They both have online courses and offer remote consultations with a separation anxiety specialist. Their specialised knowledge has helped numerous canines overcome their separation anxiety.

Training is one of the best investments dog owners can make. Working with Mark can help you improve various negative behaviours, instil manners in your canine, and build their confidence among various other benefits. While it does take time to train your dog in a positive and constructive manner, it’s worth the reward when you have a companion that is well-behaved, confident, and intelligent.
Dog training has numerous advantages that benefit both dogs and their owners. Training your dog can help improve your dog’s behaviour by teaching them appropriate actions and manners through positive reinforcement. It can also enhance communication between you and your dog by teaching them verbal and nonverbal cues, and your dog can learn to understand and respond to your cues. Additionally, training helps with socialisation, which is essential for your dog’s overall well-being. A well-trained dog is more likely to be accepted in social situations and be less anxious around other dogs and people. Moreover, training provides mental stimulation, which is important for dogs to stay mentally sharp and healthy. Training sessions can be a fun way to engage your dog’s mind and give them a sense of purpose. Lastly, training your dog can also help you build a stronger bond with your furry friend. It allows you to spend quality time with your dog and helps create a sense of trust and respect between you. In summary, dog training has many benefits that can improve your dog’s behaviour, communication, socialisation, mental health, and your bond with your furry friend.
The length of time it takes to train a dog depends on several factors, such as the dog’s breed, age, temperament, severity of the problem behaviours, and the type of training methods used. Basic obedience training can typically be learned in several weeks, while more advanced training, such as overcoming trauma or improving on-lead aggression can take several months or even years. The amount of time you spend training your dog each day and the consistency of the training also play a crucial role in how long it takes to train your dog. It’s important to note that training is an ongoing process, and dogs require continuous reinforcement and practice to maintain their training. Consistent, positive reinforcement training with patience, time, and dedication can yield effective and long-lasting results for your dog’s behaviour and training.